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Ethics Policy

This excellent article on the ASNT blog, titled An Existential Crisis for NDT, prompted an internal discussion here at United Technical that has led to the creation of this page. In the article, the ASNT Executive Director Neal J. Couture discusses a series of high-profile ethical failings in the NDT world, citing that the industry either needs to get on with policing itself or wait for the government to insert themselves to do it for us if we fail to sufficiently address the underlying issues these incidents exposed.​

At United Technical, it's not possible for ethical behavior to be any more central to our business – it's literally baked right into our mission statement in the term "data-driven solutions." 

Mission Statement:
Develop strong partnerships by delivering timely, data-driven solutions for our clients’ engineering, manufacturing, material testing and training needs — in any industry, anywhere.


So, to be honest, an "ethics policy" actually seems redundant. We'd rather point you to our Mission Statement.


When we are analyzing to microscopic detail, testing to specification, training to code, there is no grey area. There's the data, the specification, the rules, the code – whatever is relevant to that activity that drives our efforts. We report what we find, no more, no less. Do not come to us to "Just pass it." That is not our business.

Our business is the data, the process, the test... to specification, every single time. Per our mission statement, that's what you'll get working with United Technical. We respect your business and your customers too much to give you anything other than what the data supports – our company, our people and our quality system exist to deliver on that promise.

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