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Nondestructive Inspection Services

The professional ASNT Level III & II certified inspection team at United Technical are experienced industry experts with a data-driven mindset coupled with extensive hands-on experience. Our team provides technical solutions to support all of your nondestructive testing (NDT) needs.

We utilize the most modern equipment for our ASNT Level III & II staff to perform inspections.

Methods Offered

  • Phase Array Ultrasound

  • Shear Wave

  • Longitudinal Wave

  • Straight Beam

An NDT technician conducting an ultrasonic test on a piece of metal pipe and weld

Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)

Also called Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT or LP), United Technical offers:

  • Visible

  • Fluorescent

  • Water Washable

Closeup photo of the flourescent dye penetrant testing on an aerospace engine component showing the PT process in action

Dye Penetrant (PT) Inspection

Flourescent dye penetrant/PT inspection on an aerospace engine component
Visible dye penetrant/PT inspection on a pipe flange weld showing leaking dye penetrant at crack in the weld

Methods Offered:

  • Visible

  • Fluorescent

Multiple indications of failures in welds on steel parts during magnetic particle testing/MT NDT

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

A closeup photo of magnetic particle inspection/MT showing an indication on a failed weld
A macrostereoscope photo of an indication/crack showing during a magnetic particle/MT NDT inspection

United Technical has a team of AWS CWIs and ASNT Level III & II inspectors on staff.  


We witness welding and testing of PQR Specimens. Our inspectors have served a variety of industries and practiced in many codes/standards.


Codes and standards

  • AWS

  • ASME

  • API

  • ISO

  • NAV

  • MIL

  • and many more

Wind Turbines in a field ready for NDT visual inspection

Visual Inspection (VT)

Oil or gas pipeline photo Image by Mike Benna
Welder on a pipeline making an arc weld
High-quality RT/radiographic X-ray inspection image of an iphone showing the details of the inside of the iPhone

United Technical has RT laboratory services with a dedicated team of ASNT certified inspection personnel on staff and a Level III RT NDT manager.  

We are currently able to provide computed radiography services for the following:

  • Welds up to 2.5” thick

  • Articles up to 45” maximum in any dimension

  • Welds per D1.1 or equivalent Weld Specifications

Multiple material procedures are in development, but we are currently capable in:

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless Steel

  • Carbon Steel

  • Magnesium

  • Nickel 

  • Inconel


United Technical inspection personnel are certified to SNT-TC-1 and Level III certified to NAS 410 to support clients’ product or process validation needs.

Radiographic/X-Ray Inspection (RT)

RT/X-ray radiographic image of inspection of an automotive suspension part for weld inspection

United Technical has hydrostatic pressure testing capabilities up to 10,000 psi.

Our helium leak detector can detect a leak of microscopic size that might be missed using traditional NDT methods.

Photo of the United Technical hydrostatic testing unit, capable of pressure testing to 10,000 psi

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

The United Technical Titan Test helium leak testing unit for leak testing weldments and assemblies

Helium Leak Testing

Our inspection lab is capable of handling everything from a few parts to a few thousand parts. Our technicians are ASNT certified in Visual (VT), Magnetic Particle (MT), Dye Penetrant (DT), Ultrasonic (UT) and Radiograpic/X-Ray (RT).

A United Technical laboratory technician preparing samples for in-house NDT inspection or destructive testing

In-House Inspection Lab

The United Technial magnetic particle test bench in the shop being used to test aerospace parts for weld failures
Ultrasonic testing setup in use for NDT testing in the United Technical shop for welding and material testing

We offer ASNT certified NDT Level III consulting services. Let our experienced Level III technicians ensure your NDT practices are code-compliant.

  • Procedure Writing

  • NDT Training

  • Program Audits

  • Special Projects

  • Visual Inspection (VT)

  • Ultrasound Inspection (UT)

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)

  • Dye Penetrant Inspection (PT)

  • Radiographic/X-Ray (RT)

United Technical NDT technician conducting an on-site nondestructive testing inspection of manufactured gear assemblies

Level III Services

A typical shop/factory floor where we would conduct on-site NDT testing and nondestructive examination
Two United Technical technicians discussing a large pipe weld at a customer site

Stay in compliance with welder calibration. Our field personnel come to your facility to verify the calibration on ammeters and voltmeters on your welding equipment and provide reference measurement of wire feed speed and shielding gas flow rate (optional service.) 

  • Amperage and voltage equipment verified against calibration requirements and traceable to NIST

  • Wire feed speed and shield gas flow rates measured and recorded (optional, for reference only)

  • Complete reporting by machine including machine identification & description, testing settings, measured readings, allowed deviation, measured deviation, as-found/as-left and satisfactory/unsatisfactory indication

An NDT inspector conducting a Welding Equipment Calibration Verification (WECV) at a client site on a MIG welder

Welding Equipment Calibration Verification (WECV)

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