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AWS Welder Certification and Custom Corporate Welding Training Courses

Welcome to the United Technical Training Academy

We use a variety of teaching methods to accommodate any type of student. If you're brand new to welding or you've been doing it for 30+ years there's always something to learn at our state-of-the-art AWS accredited training academy.

Our professional welding educators are degreed, experienced individuals capable of turning motivated students into AWS certified welding professionals.


We utilize our traditional classroom to give customized lectures tailored to you or your company's training needs.

Contact us now to discuss your training needs.






Our innovative computer lab allows students to learn at their own pace. We take learning to the next level by offering various welding modules through the AWS SENSE program. Using our virtual welding simulator, students learn the fundamentals before ever stepping into a welding booth.

Students learning GTAW welding in the Training Academy welding lab
Diplomas await graduates of a United Technical Training Academy class
Welding student learning GMAW welding on a welding simulator
Graduates from a custom corporate training class holding their certificates of completion.
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