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"Just pass it..." versus data-driven solutions

We came across this article by Ben McRill on ASNT's LinkedIn this morning, about what to do when that all-too-common pressure to "just pass it" arises:

As a company that does countless NDT inspections each year, this is – unfortunately – all too common. Our customers should know one thing: when you bring work to United Technical, we tell you what the data says, not what you want to hear. If the actual answer isn't what you want to find, we should not work together.

For this exact reason our mission statement includes the term "data-driven solutions":

Develop strong partnerships by delivering timely, data-driven solutions for our clients’ engineering, manufacturing, material testing and training needs — in any industry, anywhere.

The author correctly states the key to working in the inspection field: we sleep well every night, knowing we do the right thing, every time.

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