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NDT Team Expansion and WECV Reminders with Quotes

Growing our NDT Team

Our nondestructive testing team has been working long hours helping clients all over the region and we're growing to help support customers even better.

Madalyn Van Alstine, United Technical's new nondestructive testing technician

Madalyn Van Alstine joins United Technical having been an NDT inspector for the US Air Force and she serves in the National Guard. Adding Madalyn to the NDT team for MT, PT and UT allows us to more quickly handle customer needs and we're very excited to have her on board!

Justin Jones, United Technical's new nondestructive testing technician

Justin Jones comes to the team from Space X in Texas, returning home to Michigan. He is Level 2 in MT, PT, VT, UT and eddy current. His experience in a wide breadth of techniques will nicely complement our current NDT staff's expertise and give us more capacity to serve customers faster.

Need NDT service?


Welding Equipment Calibration Verification Reminders w/ Quotes

CWI Brad Mack verifying the calibration on a welder

Moving forward, all Welding Equipment Calibration Verification customers will receive reminder emails for their upcoming annual verification service that include a quote, ready for approval and scheduling their next calibration verification apppointment.

All quotes will be based on the equipment which was verified the previous year and we can easily/quickly update the quote for any new/obsolete equipment, if needed.

Don't end up in a jam due to out-of-calibration equipment, schedule your WECV appointment today!

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